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Kay de Silva

A message from the Author

I wrote the first book in the Our Amazing World Series, "Whales" back in 2013. I still remember the exhilaration I felt when it was first launched. And when the books went on to being loved, it was icing on the cake. It thrills me to be able to create something that's enjoyed not just by my own children, but also for those from around the world.

I have always been crazy about animals and nature and creating these books transports back to my childhood. Back in the day there were no high resolution screens or the internet (yes, there was such a time). So I'd spend many hours going through the newspapers cutting out images and articles on animals. I'd lovingly squirrel away these delightful treasures in a scrapbook, to enjoy at my leisure.

Now all grownup, I'm still on the lookout for great images and interesting facts. The difference is I can now share them with many more people. I know how much I enjoy creating this series and it's my fervent wish that you love every moment you spend with them.